Polkesraya International Conference

Optimizing Early Child Growth Development for Future Adolescent in Sustainable Development Era : Does Enviromental Affect The Child Health


All accepted articles will be published in the proceeding with ISSN.

This volume contains papers presented at the 2022 1ST Polkesraya International Conference, which was held during November 16th, 2022 in Palangka Raya, Indonesia.

PIC provides a scientific platform for both local and international scientists, engineers and technologists who work in all aspects of medical and health. In addition to the contributed papers, internationally known experts from several countries are also invited to deliver keynote and invited speeches at PIC 2022.

The volume includes 18 selected papers which were submitted to the conference from universities, research institutes and industries. Each contributed paper has been peer-reviewed by reviewers who were collected organizing and technical committee members as well as other experts in the field from different countries. The proceedings tend to present to the readers the newest researches results and findings in the field of medical and health.

Much of the credit of the success of the conference is due to topic coordinators who have devoted their expertise and experience in promoting and in general co-ordination of the activities for the organization and operation of the conference. The coordinators of various session topics have devoted a considerable time and energy in soliciting papers from relevant researchers for presentation at the conference.

The chairpersons of the different sessions played important role in conducting the proceedings of the session in a timely and efficient manner and the on behalf of the conference committee, we express sincere appreciation for their involvement. The reviewers of the manuscripts, have also been very helpful in efficiently reviewing the manuscripts, providing valuable comments well within the time allotted to them.

Reviewers : Dr. Hasse De Meyer (National University of Singapore)
Febi Dwirahmadi, BSc.PH., MSc.PH., Ph.D (Griffith University, Queensland, Australia)
Joseph Leveremore, Ph.D (Imperial College London, UK)
Dr. Yeyentimalla, S.Kep. Ns. M.Si (Poltekkes Kemenkes Palangka Raya, Indonesia)
Vissia Didin Ardiyani, SKM,MKM, Ph.D (Poltekkes Kemenkes Palangka Raya, Indonesia)
Dr. Tri Ratna Ariestini, S.Kep., MPH (Poltekkes Kemenkes Palangka Raya, Indonesia)
Dr. Nang Randu Utama, S.Pd., MA (Poltekkes Kemenkes Palangka Raya, Indonesia)
Dr. Marselinus Heriteluna, S.Kp., MA (Poltekkes Kemenkes Palangka Raya, Indonesia)
Editors : Dr. Lamia Diang Mahalia, MPH (Scopus ID : 57218381305)
Wahidah Sukriani, SST., M. Keb. (Scopus ID : 57221775253)
Noordiati, MPH (Scopus ID : 57222158703)
Harlyanti Muthma Innah Mashar, MS (Scopus ID : 57202089509)
Itma Annah, SKM, M.Kes (Scopus ID : 57204473846)

We express our sincere and grateful thanks to all reviewers and editors.

PIC 2022 Organizing Committee November, 2022
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